Weekend Bottle Special – Mettler Family Vineyards “Old Vine Zin”

Weekend Bottle Special – Mettler Family Vineyards “Old Vine Zin”

Weekend Bottle Special – Mettler Family Vineyards “Old Vine Zin”

50% off bottles Friday and Saturday! … while supplies last, of course

Happy Weekend, Friends!

A favorite again this weekend… These always sell really fast (they’re a bargain at half-price), so I’d advise coming by early.

Hailing from Lodi, CA, this wine has earthy and smoky aromas followed by plum, vanilla and spice. The complex medley of flavors includes plum, blackberry jam, tobacco, anise and sweet oak. The sturdy but softly integrated tannins yield to subtle oak notes as the wine lingers on the palate. This wine is full of Zinfandel personality! All Mettler Family wines are certified sustainable and organic (see below).

There’s a lot to like about Mettler Family Vineyards. They’re one of the oldest family wine-grape growing families in Lodi, an area that has gained a lot of attention recently, due to its Mediterranean-like climate and soil similar to that of the Southern Cote du Rhone. The Mettlers with their children and spouses grow the grapes, make the wines and generally manage this fantastic business. Then, there’s Duke, the winery dog (that’s him below), who would never, ever give away the family’s secret recipes. 🙂

Pairings? Mushrooms (stuffed or flatbread), meatballs or tomato sauce (Margherita Flatbread).Or… the cheeses and charcuterie….mmmm, housemade Parma Mozz…

Mettler Family Wines: A Case Study in Sustainable & Organic

Apologies if you’ve read this before, but we’re so excited about Mettler Wines that we want to make sure everyone knows about their commitment to organic and sustainable farming. We offer the Old Vine Zin, the Petite SIrah and the Cabernet Sauvignon. We’re working to get access to their small production Pinotage/

Farming Practices
Mettler has always been progressive concerning their farming techniques. Using integrated pest management, cover crops and composting; and disease control through trellising, shoot positioning and leaf removal, they farm land for healthy vines and consistent wine quality.

Certified Sustainable
Their Lodi vineyards are certified sustainable through the “Lodi Rules” certification process. The Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing is California’s first 3rd party-certified sustainable winegrowing program. It promotes practices that enhance biodiversity, soil and water health, community and employee well-being, while meeting our needs today without compromising the needs of future generations.

Certified Organic
In addition to sustainability, in 2010 they took their vineyards to the next level and became certified organic through the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). It has been a vision of the family for years to become an organic farm and this is an important commitment to the quality and uniqueness of the Mettler wines. As farmers—and as a family—they hold a fundamental belief in giving back to the land, to maintain its bounty and nourish the soil to last for many generations to come.

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