Food Features – Cheeses & Caviar!!

Food Features – Cheeses & Caviar!!

Food Features – Cheeses & Caviar!!

We said this last week… CAVIAR IS BACK!!

We’re offering Bowfin and Smoked Trout caviar in individual tins with blini and crème fraîche. Priced at $18 for Bowfin and $33 for Smoked Trout, our caviar is an affordable indulgence for your visit to the Naked Grape. Pairing? Champagne, Cremant or other sparkling wines are the classic, but our Coeur de Rosé is a fine accompaniment as well.

Brillat Savarin – Cow’s milk triple cream (75% butterfat). This cheese has a thin, edible snowy-white rind. The fresh lactic flavor and mushroom notes balance out the buttercream icing bite.

Le Duc Vacherin – This surface-ripened cheese, made from pasteurized cow’s milk, is mild and chalky and melts in the mouth instantly when young. It is bound by a strip of spruce trees that gives a hint of the forest. At first cut the inside paste has a buttery, lemony taste.

For either of the new cheeses, we really recommend giving them a try. Everyone who tries them, loves them.

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