New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

faultline New Zealand produces Sauvignon Blancs that are very distinctive in flavor. Crisp and refreshing, it is the zingy grapefruit citrus notes that make people take notice. Their flavor profiles are bright and refreshing, making it a choice wine for warm weather enjoyment. We just recently brought in a new Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough region; it is called Faultline as the vineyards do occupy land on a prominent earthquake faultline in New Zealand. Bright with all the citrusy elements that NZ Sauv Blanc drinkers enjoy, it also offers notes of minerality under the racy citrus notes. This gives the wine a bit more complexity as it hits the palate. This extra layer of flavor gives the wine a bit more depth. If you are looking for a light summer white to help get you through the long and hot summer months, Faultline Sauvignon Blanc delivers on flavor.

Tete De Moine from Switzerland

ad911664-a92e-43dd-bb94-f565591b6ac9 One of the oldest cheeses to be made in Switzerland, Tete De Moine was first made by monks in an abbey in the Jura Mountains over eight centuries ago. Fashioned in wheels that are then shaved with a machine called a girolle, the monks gave the cheese a “bald spot,” much like the traditional tonsure of the ordained monks. As the girolle shaves this nutty cheese into very thin layers, it releases the flavor of the cheese. This is a 100% cow’s milk cheese that is semi-firm that is dense and with notes of fruitiness along with its nutty flavor. Aged for over 75 days, it is a delectable cheese to pair with a mildly fruit-forward Merlot, Cabernet, or red blend.

Weekend Wine Feature

Red Blend from Washington State

gravel Red blends are among the most favored wines at Naked Grape. No matter the weather, red blends are always among our top sellers. This week our 50% OFF bottle feature, while supplies last, is the Alluvial Red from Gravel Bar Winery in Washington State. A blend of Shiraz, Cabernet, and Merlot, this a full-bodied blend that is easy-drinking. It offers flavors of black cherry, clove, and toasty oak with a touch of earthiness. It is concentrated and complex with a smooth and lush palate. If you are red blend fan, then this is a blend that you should definitely try.

Pinot Bianco

Delicious White from Alto Adige

kpb Made from the Pinot Blanc grape, Pinot Biancos from Northeastern Italy offer a delicious alternative to the much more widely known Pinot Grigio. More finessed and more delicately aromatic than Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco offers a depth of flavor that has notes of apple, pear, and white flowers. It has a smoother and creamier mouthfeel while still offering a pleasant level of acidity. Pinot Bianco has a quality and structure that is rarely found in more mass-produced Pinot Grigios. Because it is produced in much smaller quantities, it has a level of flavor that is more satisfying. Well-made Pinot Biancos can be held for up to 10 years and still retain a delicious level of drinkability. If you are looking for a white alternative for hot summer night sipping, try the Pinot Bianco from Kettmeir that we now offer on our list. It accompanies creamy to medium-firm cheeses beautifully and pairs well with any seafood or poultry based dish.

Speaking of Summer Wines. . .

wwg David Williams, a food and lifestyle writer for the UK’s Guardian Newspaper, recently published an article titled “50 Best Summer Wines for 2017.” It as an article easily accessed on the web, and in his writing he points out several of the lesser-known white varietals that we enjoy featuring at Naked Grape. While we may not carry the same winemakers that he specifically references in his article, we do carry many of the more esoteric grape varietals that he is encouraging his readers to enjoy during the hot summer weather. Albariño, Grüner Veltliner, Chenin Blanc, Vermentino, Gavi di Gavi are all varietals that offer tasty alternatives to the much more well-known Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs. As we go through the summer months ahead, give some of these alternative white varietals a try. They are refreshing alternatives for summer sipping.

Cheese Highlight: P’tit Basque

Ptit-Basque A 100% pure sheep’s milk cheese, P’tit Basque is produced In France’s Basque region in the Pyrenees Mountains. It was originally handmade by shepherds in the region from the leftover curds after milking their ewes. Today, much of that handmade tradition still continues. P’tit Basque is a semi-hard cheese that must be aged for a minimum of 70 days. During that aging it develops a basketweave style rind, similar in appearance to Spain’s Manchego. The flavor is mild and delicate with nutty and earthy notes. It makes a delicious accompaniment to cured meats and dried fruits; it is also delicious when shaved on a salad.

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